The Lazy Gym is a new concept across the health and fitness industry, offering a unique opportunity that is driven by quality, reputation, and convenience. The Lazy Gym sets itself apart from competitors pioneering smart beauty systems and a success-proven model for turnkey business integrating five of the most widely researched trends in the spa, health, and fitness industry.

The Lazy Gym has created a highly functional and straightforward protocol. We have pioneered all five Smart Beauty Technologies, Smart Pod (Infrared) for burning of calories, pulling toxins, inflammation and breaking down fat surrounding the muscles plus many other medicinal benefits. Smart Lipo Laser for shrinking fat cells, tightening of the skin along with helping with pain. Smart Workout Machine for cardio, balancing and burning of calories among other medicinal benefits. Smart O2 Machine for breathing fresh oxygen to aid with metabolic system and anti-aging along with tons of other medicinal values. Smart Salt Wall for mood enhancement, allergies, depression and several other medicinal benefits. Our protocol is a proven guarantee to give the most amazing results leaving clients very happy and motivated to continue the programs.

The best part about doing The Lazy Gym is that you get to relax and possibly take a nap all while you burn calories and rejuvenate your body. No other workout comes close to The Lazy Gym where you get way better results in a fraction of the time doing absolutely nothing. Book your appointment and come experience this amazing workout alternative.

Meet The Team

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Sue Lee


Sue Lee a Licensed Aesthetician for over twenty four years never liked working out but wanted to keep in shape and look her best. Well how was that going to be possible because it was always said if you didn't do physical exercise you could not keep in shape. Sue Lee a person who has always done her own thing and create her own beliefs was determined she would defy that theory of having to do physical workout to lose weight, keep in shape and be healthy. She went researching because she knew there must be something available to substitute for that. She discovered different body wraps that worked amazing but still never fully substituted for the replacement of the physical workout.  Well in 2010 she stumbled upon the most unique technique of shrinking fat without physical workout or surgery and she was blown away and elated she found the answer to her and a lot of people like herself problem. She continued to research and discovered even more interesting non-surgical methods to get rid of the fat and stay in shape but in the back of her mind she knew she still needed some form of cardio to keep her heart rate going. So of course she continued in her quest to find something that covered the whole being of what she wanted which was getting rid of excess calories, keep in shape and some form of cardio for her heart rate. And remember she doesn't like to do anything that required physical exertion. In 2013 she had her haha moment and knew she had solved her and a lot of people like herself problem. She discovered after much research that one of the most effective methods with very little effort and discomfort to get the results she needed was an Infrared Detox bed, the trouble was to find the best quality with other added benefits. In her research she also confirmed that it had to be a Sauna that allowed you to be laying because of the physiological effects it has on the brain so your body is quicker to release any stress, pain or toxins in it. Sue Lee then decided to get a customized Sauna hence the Smart Pod was made. Smart Pod wasn't just an Infrared Sauna but had other medicinal values and greater benefits along with a massage effect that the regular Sauna does not have, and best of all it allowed you to burn up to 1400 calories. She also discovered a smart workout machine that didn't require doing anything physical but to just stand while burning 350 calories.  There her baby was born....The Lazy Gym where you Come Relax Slim  My mission is to be the voice to let people all over the world know that there is this alternative to those strenuous workouts so everyone can be a size healthy even if they hate to workout. I hope to take it worldwide to help people to become financially fit while changing other people's lives.  This business is all about total relaxation while getting amazing workout benefits and surgery like results.


Brittney S.

Office Manager

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Doctor's Desk

Dr. Franklyn Bowers

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